A black horse of Automotive supplies exhibition

Accurate positioning of the exhibition, 550-800 selection of exhibitors and professional audience of 30,000 people and build a grand “Green Alliance area, the area of foreign trade enterprises and e-commerce area in the automotive supplies industry Waves. Have competed to participate in the industry while concerned about the HC “online and offline interactive exhibition” an old friend of many years of cooperation with the HC, with the understanding and trust on the HC firmly believe that the China (Hangzhou) Auto Accessories Fair will be the exhibition of automotive supplies “a dark horse.”

First 2011 China (Hangzhou) Car Accessories Fair upcoming 7-9 December 2011 in Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Centre is organizing a

Chinese auto maintenance two leader in Guangzhou City advertised Car Accessories Industrial Co., Ltd., Paul Chee Lee Chemical Co., Ltd., as if the two dragon entrenched in southern China. Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good quality. Two companies focus on car maintenance beauty supplies business, production and R & D capabilities and channels to expand the ability to withstand market experience, and now “advertised”, ”

Paul gave Lee two vehicle¬†Junkyards near me maintenance, brand is not only well-known brand within the industry’s green pioneer the beginning of the year as the automotive supplies industry, “Green Alliance” the first initiative of enterprises to participate in a solemn swearing-in ceremony. Their development is no longer in a stage of development to product quality as the core competitiveness through this Hangzhou automotive supplies Exhibition “Green dream Future” theme, to play a leading influence and drive the industry’s green development, while deep plowing in green heritage of the brand culture.

Express steam in the new century as the United States JB exclusive distributor in China, “JB” from 92 years to enter the Chinese, is the first to enter the Chinese automotive additive products. Express steam in the new century around the automotive OEM, supporting their professional areas, service at the car factory, to provide consumers with quality products and services at the same time, create a new marketing model: bidding mode. The deepening of the brand operation mode, or market expansion In 2011, Hangzhou Car Accessories Fair, JB, exciting!